Monday, 7 April 2014

Fuzzy heroes

Heroes come in many forms and in Fuzzy Heroes they are soft and cuddly.

Pogwin meets Reindeer
It must be heavily emphasised that in Fuzzy Heroes no cuddly toys ever get hurt, they just have "nap-time" until the game is over.
Too much exercise and they will just fall to sleep, no matter where they are
The playing area is a mythical island (in this case Kay-Tan) and using strength, speed and a variety of skills the Heroes try to dominate the island and become the last Cuddly still awake on it.

A part of the island of Kay-Tan
But danger lurks in many forms, every time a Cuddly is eliminated from the tournament (by being pushed off of the island) an empty island tile is removed by the victim. Not only must the Heroes remain awake but they must avoid being pushed into the encroaching waters.

The advantage that camouflage can play in Fuzzy Heroes
Fuzzy Heroes is open to all, please feel free (in fact I encourage you) to bring your own Cuddly (between 3 and 15 inches) or if your Hero is too shy to attend you may borrow one of the fully trained Toys I will have with me.

Heroes in the making - all hoping to get picked
 This is a free to enter player participation game with easy to pick up rules. Playing time will be between 20 minutes (for those eliminated early from the game) to 90 minutes.

Heroes in Training
This event is a fusion of ideas using mechanisms from "Escape From Atlantis" , "Settlers of Catan" and "Sumo" all under the umbrella of the Rules of "Fuzzy Heroes" by Inner City Games.

Fuzzy Heroes is a family friendly fun game



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